A Morning with Leonard Part 2

A Morning With Leonard Part 2

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene. 2 Timothy 2:15-17a (ESV)

In my last Freedom Fighter I shared with you about a time at Keswick where my brother-in-Christ, Leonard Evans, was sharing morning devotions with us and his topic was wisdom. As our conversation continued that morning we were discussing what we find in Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” When we understand fear as eternal separation from our Creator and to not be blessed by Him we can shrug off the notion that we are going to be zapped every time we step outside of God’s plan for our lives.(Not that it isn’t a bad idea…just saying)

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The real word to use here is “reverence” and to have reverence for a just and holy God should bring us prostrate but that isn’t always the case these days. Some of us in the Body of Christ are bringing God to the same level that the world around us has. The world doesn’t see sin as God see’s it and it’s a shame to think that it too has carried over into our churches. Maybe it is because we don’t have an idea of what “Holiness” is anymore. It seems that anything goes in our worship services and that has allowed a disregard for those things that are to be revered.

Recently during one of my teen Sunday school classes I asked them where they were in their reading of the Bible. I barely got a third of them to say where they were and half of them weren’t really in a specific book. “I jump around a lot” was a popular response…okay, I’ll take it. However, I reminded them how important it was to memorize and mediate on the Word so that they are equipped to make right decisions. I challenged them to let God’s word be before their breakfast or even FaceBook for that matter. Hopefully they make a wise choice.

There are quite a few promises in the Book of Proverbs. Proverbs 2:10 says when wisdom enters your heart it will be pleasant to your soul. Proverbs 3:13-18 contains things like being blessed and happy, having something more precious than silver, gold, rubies with nothing to compare to it. Life is long and full of riches and honor. But most importantly we will have peace and will know joy. “She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed.” Brother…what man (or woman) in their right mind wouldn’t want this as a daily promise to live by? If your saying “not me” we need to talk.

Brother Leonard repeated what Charles Spurgeon once said, “Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.” How true! Leonard went on to say that life is like operating a train and down the tracks is switch we WILL encounter. We WILL have to make a decision when we come upon that switch. Having right wisdom will be having the right knowledge at the right time for the challenge we are facing at that switch. He then shared with us the biggest Biblical promise we could ever receive. Straight from the lips of The Savior during His Sermon on the Mount…”But seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and these things shall be added to you.” Thank you Brother Evans for sharing your wisdom with me! – Chris Hughes is a graduate of the Colony and blogs regularly for Freedom Fighter

Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 129-131; 2 Corinthians 9

Quote of the day: “What is more reasonable than that the creature should trust his Creator? On the other hand, what is more illogical than a man to reject God’s Word and to live by his own hunches? The wise thing to do is to repent of one’s sins, trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and then live for Him wholeheartedly and devotedly.”—William MacDonald

Verse to Memorize: “Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek Your statutes. Great are Your tender mercies, O Lord; revive me according to Your judgments. Psalm 119:155-156

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