Be Careful with Your Words

Join is this Thursday night for our monthly Men’s Fellowship Night at America’s Keswick. Pastor Bryan Murawski will be our speaker. Dinner is at 6:15 PM followed by a great evening or praise, testimony, teaching from the Word and great fellowship in the Activity Center. Please call for information — 732-350-1187.

Be Careful With Your Words

Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. Psalm 10:19 – New Living Translation

The older I am getting the more I am trying to learn the lesson of speaking less and listening more.

I have addressed this issue before, and I am trying to learn the balance of when to speak up and when to be quiet.

Think Before You Speak

There are a lot of crazy things going on in our Christian world. We need to be willing to speak up and address the issues confronting our world today. For too long as Christians we have assumed a posture of not speaking up and we have been losing our freedoms and rights because of our unwillingness to take a stand.

Recently World Vision made a policy decision that was clearly a violation of Christian principles. The good news is that Christians from all over the globe spoke up and the end result is that World Vision reversed their decision. It clearly was a great example that our voice needs to be heard. We need to get out of the stands and get in the game.

There is a flip side to all of this though. I get very concerned when I hear Christians, and especially Christian leaders who begin to make judgmental statements that I believe cross the line from exposing sin and false teaching to attacking character.

I believe we are mandated to exposed error and warn the weak when it comes to false teaching. But in my life I have heard Christian leaders mock and criticize other people in ministry almost with a self-righteousness that this kind of thing could not happen to them.

If we are not careful, our pridefulness in always being right could easily be our very downfall. In my short lifetime I have heard too many Christian leaders tearing other apart for this and that, only to find out years later that they themselves have fallen into the same sin.

If we are going to take stands on issues, we better make sure that our own house is in order. Too many times we have spouted off, only to find that we have egg on our face because there are things in our lives, when exposed, have made us the laughing stock of the world around us.

There is indeed a time to speak. But there is a time to be silent. Solomon words in Proverbs are very valuable. And if he had listened to his own words at the end of his life, maybe the outcome would have been different. “Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. Psalm 10:19 – New Living Translation

Lord give us boldness to speak, but also give us the grace to be silent.

Going the distance with Jesus,

Bill Welte
President/CEO America’s Keswick

Daily Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 11-13

Think About This: Take steps each day to be sure your life expresses commitment to Jesus.Charles Stanley

Verses to Memorize: I waited and waited and waited for God.   At last he looked; finally he listened. He lifted me out of the ditch, pulled me from deep mud. He stood me up on a solid rock  to make sure I wouldn’t slip. He taught me how to sing the latest God-son,  a praise-song to our God. More and more people are seeing this: they enter the mystery, abandoning themselves to God. Psalm 40:1-3 The Message

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