Rob Bottled Water

Rock Bottled Water

“Behold, I will stand before you there on the rock at Horeb, and you shall strike the rock, and water shall come out of it, and the people will drink.” And Moses did so, in the sight of the elders of Israel.” Exodus 17:6 (ESV)

So…have you ever been thirsty? I mean a wandering around in a sandy place that is really hot while the sun is up kinda thirsty? If you have you might be a nation that was freed from slavery and complained about it every step of the way to the Promised Land. It wasn’t until your buddy, Moses, was told to strike The Rock that refreshing water became available. And wasn’t there a second incident with Moses and possibly the very same Rock that doesn’t end well for your buddy? But that’s for a different Freedom Fighter.

Moses Striking the Rock

The same scenario might be said for us who have been in this world just waiting for the Promised Land to show its self on the horizon…or at least a Bible Conference. We really look forward to them when we plan to go to them and they seem to take forever to arrive on the calendar. We pack particular things, take vacation time from work, get the car pool organized, and if you’re like me, make sure your brand of bottled water is at the ready. At this time I am leaning towards a brand that calls itself “smartwater” bottled by GLACĖAU. The water doesn’t make me any smarter but, as per George Hutchison’s suggestion, the bottles are worth saving for re-use. Guess that’s the smart part. Anyway…

The 17th chapter of Exodus finds us with those murmuring children of YHVH confronting Moses (again) with a simple request “Give us some water” (and then they go on about being brought out into the wilderness to die…blah…blah…blah). Without going into it too far YHVH instructs Moses to “smite” the rock at Horeb so that out of it will gush out cool refreshing water.

I think we can be like those murmuring folks the closer we get to a Bible Conference. We show up so done in by our wilderness circumstances that we need to hear from God. And a lot of times we get refreshed from it all and we go home (with empty water bottles) and everything is so cool until Amalek. Amalek? Yes…Amalek!!


After all the dirt of wilderness has been cleansed from your feet and you’ve finished a bottle of cool, refreshing, water from Horeb’s finest springs you leave the conference and then get challenged by the world. I can’t say at what level but for the descendants of Jacob, it was Amalek, a descendent of Esau. And just like that ongoing fight between the two entities, such it is for us who claim to have built upon The Rock as our foundation. We get all jazzed up from being at the conference and the moment we get back into things we get our “jazzed up” tested. Have we forgotten where the source of our refreshment came from? Well without Moses there to smite the rock for us I think we do.

If we stop for a moment and think it through it’s not so much that we are looking for that spiritual water that refreshes from a rock but rather the grace of Jesus Christ.  To paraphrase John Gill thoughts about that this, “The water that flowed from that rock was typical of the grace of Christ, and the blessings of it, which flow from Him in great abundance to the refreshment and comfort of His people.” It will be in those moments when our Amalek appears that we need to keep this mind just like when Moses had his arms held up while YHVH’s children went into battle against Amalek. So the next time you attend a Bible conference, save those empty water bottles!! You’ll need them to fill them with the water you went searching for, before, during and after those wilderness circumstances come up. Amen? – Chris Hughes blogs weekly and is a graduate of the Colony of Mercy

Daily Bible Reading: Jeremiah 4-6

Think About This:“Living in grace means that we express His life as a natural and normal part of our daily experience. We live trusting Him to express Himself through us every day. We don’t have to overanalyze our actions and attitudes. Life isn’t a test, it’s a rest. The test has already been given, and we have received a perfect score because Jesus took the test for us. It’s time now to celebrate!”—Steve McVey

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, And Your faithfulness every night. Psalm 92:1-2

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